The Ceiling’s Colors

Yesterday a colleague caught me lost in the off-white ceiling of our office. I don’t know what I was thinking at that moment. I was waiting for my coffee to brew, and rather than stare at the wall I stared at the ceiling. Reminds me of Van Gogh’s white period (no such thing, of course), […]

Before It is Too Late

Too many wasted years. In trying to avoid my wife and not deal with insurmountable problems, I became an absentee father. Better to stay at work late, even if there wasn’t much work to do; or head to my local pub and drink until the night became a blurry mess. Both roads led away from […]

The Erosion of Spring

Time is in perpetual motion. I am sure a phycisist or mathematician would argue that if you travel faster than the speed of light or enter a black hole or multiply infinity by the square root of not-fucking-likely, time will stop. Or the illusion of it. But as a living creature I know that my […]

I am a Gen-Xer. My generation ushered in the internet age. We were among the last kids to experience music on cassette tapes, movies on VHS tapes, transitioning to Napster and MP3 players and DVDs (and now streaming music and movies). We are the bridge between the analog and digital generations, having lived in both. […]

Is blogging still relevant?

Years ago blogging was the rage. Before YouTube and Instagram, blogging was the way for an aspiring writer or photographer or other creative-types to gain a following. Now, however, reaching a public audience — and making money — requires having a YouTube channel or Instagram account. Some of the YouTubers I follow began with a […]